The concept



Life, dreams, information, fashion, ads, emotions, social media, shopping, wishes, love, memories…

are visual.

Wouldn’t be amazing if our phones recognized images just like our brain does?

Our technology is about images. It’s about empowering your visual experience.

Search, find, buy and share what you are looking at.


Interact with print ads.


Animate press.


And that’s how it all began.
We built the company around mobile image-based recognition and visual search.

What’s special about our technology ?

Owned patented technology with end-to-end implementation.
Ultra-fast visual search results with responses in under 0.1 seconds.
High accuracy and a completely scalable architecture.
Plug and play integration with all major app and e-commerce platforms.

We have developed our unique technology focussing on marketing solutions for Publishing and Fashion Retail.

Want to know more?


Our technology surpasses QR systems and the need to scan images.

End users only need to snap!

Our commitment to our clients, through a proven turnkey service, is to improve sales and increase revenues.